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. Composition Kills: A Case Study of Email Sender Authentication. In USENIX Security 2020. (To appear)

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. CDN Judo : Breaking the CDN DoS Protection with Itself. In NDSS 2020.

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. We Still Don’t Have Secure Cross-Domain Requests: an Empirical Study of CORS. In USENIX Security 2018.

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. Abusing CDNs for Fun and Profit: Security Issues in CDNs’ Origin Validation. In SDRS 2018.


. Host of Troubles: Multiple Host Ambiguities in HTTP Implementations. In CCS 2016. (Best Paper Nominee)

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. Seeking Nonsense, Looking for Trouble: Efficient Promotional-Infection Detection through Semantic Inconsistency Search. In IEEE S&P 2016.


. Forwarding Loop Attacks in Content Delivery Networks. In NDSS 2016. (Distinguished Paper Award)

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